AireSpring's Q4 2022 $25K Challenge

Bring in $25k or more of NEW AIreSpring MRC Revenue in Q4 and Get a Cruise

Terms & Conditions 
October 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022 
All aspects of AireSpring’s Q4 $25K Challenge are subject to all applicable laws and regulations. To be eligible for the award, all participants must agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, and participation constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions contained herein.

Cash Award & Taxes 
Qualifying partners will be provided with the cash equivalent of $2556 to book their travel directly or use the funds at their discretion. A W9 must be on file with AireSpring before any money can be paid.
Any liability for federal, state, or other taxes for AireSpring’s Q4 $25K Challenge will be the sole responsibility of the winner. AireSpring will not be responsible for payment of any such taxes.

Qualification Terms 
During the period October 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022, cumulative orders submitted to AireSpring under an individual agent ID that achieve a grand total of $25,000 in New MRC revenue will qualify for this promotion. Orders must be received by midnight Pacific Time December 31, 2022
Qualifying orders are subject to all general AireSpring terms and conditions. For orders to qualify for this challenge, the customer must be credit approved, the order must pass final AireSpring engineering approval, and be submitted to the underlying carrier for service.
New MRC revenue is based on the total MRC (Monthly Recurring Charge) Revenue for new signed customer orders submitted by a registered AireSpring partner between October 1, 2022 and midnight December 31, 2022, Pacific Time.
Qualifying New MRC revenue is determined by AireSpring’s DAX CRM system.
AireSpring reserves the right to verify that all orders conform to the intent and guidelines of this promotion.
Qualifying partners must be a current AireSpring partner, in good standing with AireSpring at time of qualification per terms and conditions of the challenge.
Qualifying participant agrees that AireSpring may, in any way AireSpring deems fit, and at AireSpring’s sole discretion, use any winner’s name and/or likeness for purposes of promotion or advertising.
Qualifying participants will be notified beginning January, 2023 as eligible orders pass the terms and conditions of the promotion.
Qualifying participant assures that acceptance of the trip does in no way violate any professional responsibilities that qualifying participant is obligated to uphold.
The maximum amount payable under this promotion will be a $2,556 cash equivalent. For example, if the eligible MRC Revenue is $50,000, the amount of the cash equivalent will be $2,556.
Partners may not pool orders under a single Agent ID code. Any business found to have been submitted under another Agent ID code than the actual producing Partner will be deemed ineligible.
In the event a Customer cancels an eligible service prior to the expiration of the contract term, AireSpring reserves the right to charge back Partner the bonus on a prorated basis. Partner authorizes all charge backs to be deducted from future commissions owed by AireSpring. In the event there are insufficient commissions to repay AireSpring, Partner will be directly liable for repayment of any such charge backs.